Dear Education and Learning Innovator,

In this summer issue of the LDE CEL newsletter we would like to inform you about past and upcoming CEL activities and projects.

IR Research on Study Success & Online Learning

On June 9th the 9th Innovation Room took place in the Erasmus University College. Eight researchers shared their insights and findings on the latest research on Study Success and Online Learning with a variety of participants; followed by lively discussions.

Goal Setting forum

On June 16th a Forum on Goal Setting took place at the Erasmus Rotterdam Business School (RSM), prior to the inaugural address of Michaéla Schippers. Title of the forum was: Goal setting reduces inequalities and boosts student performance

Mind of the Universe

CEL is invited to develop an innovative online learning experience in cooperation with VPRO, KNAW and UNESCO around the series ‘ Mind of the Universe’, which is broadcasted on Sunday evenings until July 9th. Every episode Robbert Dijkgraaf presents three scientists who share their work and their dreams. Aim of this project is to introduce the latest scientific developments to a broad audience by offering an open online educational experience making use of the high quality VPRO video material. In fall the online experience will be launched; we’ll keep you posted.

IR10 On Learning and Academic Analytics

Next autumn event is on October 13th : the next Innovation Room will be organised in the new Teaching Lab at TU Delft. This time we will share latest research, expertise and experiences in the field of Analyzing Data about student’s behaviour, performance and results. What can we learn; how can we optimize the learning environment to help students perform better? And what students engagement can be distilled out of analysing educational datasets?

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